What were you for Halloween?

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Monster Mash Comes to Life

Meet Sebastian the zombie on the left and Dorian the vampire on the right.

We are all decked out in our Halloween gear for my Halloween birthday party. What a scream!

Oh no! Dracula's son is out to get you! Watch out for his bite attack!
Uh oh! Here comes Sebastian the zombie! Gonna get you!

Do you like double attacks? Cuz here comes one.

This game we're playing right now is called eyeball bounce. It was really fun playing it.
Here comes my first shot ready to bounce not roll. The object of the game is bounce ping pong balls that look like eyeballs into one of those nine jars over there. The small ones are 150 points, the ones in the middle are 100 points and the ones in the back are 50 points.
This is called Monster Lab. All you have to do is just draw a monster.

The way to draw it is pick a card out of a pumpkin bucket (no peeking) and whatever body part the card says you have to draw. For example, those creepy red eyes up there with the added eyebrows drawn by me I drew because when I picked the first time, my card was a slip of paper that said "EYES" so I had to follow the directions. I just want you to know that you should really watch out for those poisonous boogers coming out of its nose and the blood coming out of those warts won't give you a nice surprise when you touch them.

This is a Jack-O-Lantern cake. To make the mouth and eyes we used some sprinkles.

Yummy! I love cake! It tasted good. No, not good. Great. No, no great. Super great.

No, not super great. Super duper great.

No, not super duper great. Super duper alley ooper great.

This is called Brain Toss. See that white thing sticking out of it, it's a tongue. Just kidding. It's a brain.

I would call that a point because at least the bean bag brain got halfway in. Actually, nobody else threw a brain bean bag halfway in. Mom designed the zombie and I wonder how dad caught the picture of the brain in midair.

I was the one who won the game. Nobody else actually got all of the bean bag brains in the mouth.

I must say Dorian's Jack-O-Lantern turned out awesome.
I say that it's so cute that it's scary.

I say that it couldn't have come out that great without the help of dad.
I really like the yellow glow in that one. Actually that's my Jack-O-Lantern.

You cannot even see the outside of the pumpkin, you can only see the face of it.

I call that face "The Evil Glare Stare."

This is both of us in our costumes about to go outside for Halloween. We're making scary faces in this picture, right?

Yes but I'd rather say that in this picture we're "ready to strike." For candy that is.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The latest Paquette Pictures movies so far

These are Dorian's 2 first movies and they're combined into one as well. And they're really cool!

I got this idea from my brother, but this time, I added more characters. They even have a pet turtle! And best of all, more treasure.

Ever thought of stuffed animals living, breathing and even attacking? Find out what happens in this movie!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A trip to Boston

We went to Boston to visit our friend, Uncle Jim. We had fun. Of course we did! On the first day we were doing a little exploring around part of the city. We stopped to rest on some grass and dirt lifted up by some stone. We played a little game.

We were playing on the wall and grass and doing these courses or something. They're very great! We had fun playing. If you step on this blue thing you get an extra life or something.
I'm standing in front of the door of this place called "Sebastians." I'm standing in front of it because Sebastian is my name. We were surprised when we saw that name on the sign of places you can go in the subway station.

We took the subway to the kids' museum, of course.

In this picture, we're in the net maze. It's really fun. Yeah, I like it.

I'm pretending I'm lifting Sebastian up in this big truck. There are lots of levers. I'm pretending one is down and one is up. And Sebastian's lying down like he's dead. Well, maybe. I'm not dead.

We're playing the steel drums. I wish we had one at home.

We're standing with Quack. He's a guy in Peep in the Big, Wide World. We got to play with water in Peep's World. There was a faucet with a bucket that swung when there was too much water in it. There was this spoon thing that lifted the water up when it came to the bottom, and when it came to the right side it puts down the water back and it keeps going.

We're in Arthur World right now. This is a picture of the TV that shows anybody in front of this video camera in the room and it shows us on the TV with Arthur stuff. It looked like we were standing in front of the Arthur stuff, but basically, we're in front of a green wall. It was cool to see ourselves on TV. Yeah.

I felt sad that we were leaving Boston. Me too. I really was gonna miss Uncle Jim. At the beginning, it was nice to see Uncle Jim again.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Making Bill in Notebookland

"Bill in Notebookland" is the first of a series of animated shorts by Paquette Pictures with a soundtrack on my first album, Amps & Microkeyboards. The shorts are animated in order of the songs. I hope you enjoy the movie!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter carnival time

I was picked for the first ride on a dog sled. I felt really good, but kind of sad because Dorian couldn't do it. It was really a fun ride for me and the other kid who went with me. There had to be 2 people per sled. The sleds were really decorated and really cool. I got 4 bags and Dorian got only 2 in the candy chase, so I gave Dorian a bag of candy.

A candy chase is when you try to get this candy. It's outside at Memorial Park. It's on the ground-- the candy is. It's a really fun thing. Last time, I didn't get any candy until some guys gave me some. And me and Sebastian both got to have candy. We got to sled down the hill, of course.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Time Fun! (Snowmen)

In this picture you can see we are with this snowman and it doesn't really have a carrot nose, just a wood nose. And it's smoking a pipe. We made it out of a set we got, I think, last winter. It was fun making the snowmans.
This is one we mainly decorated out of plastic Easter egg parts. In this picture you can see I'm wearing a super suit. It has like these robots two together and then another set two together.Mom made the snowman's face --look mean!-- all out of things you eat. The eyes are apricots, it has a carrot nose, and a Brazil nut mouth. We wanted to make a mean face.

This is our snow fort we made. This afternoon it all crumbled up and I don't know where all those buried snowballs I made are. They probably are under the blocks of snow that we used to partly make the wall of the fort. It's very cool, I think. And it's very fancy, I think. I think it crumbled because it was so hot outside today. And the snow fort was so cool that I thought we were not only, like, carpenters, we also seemed like architects.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


This is a movie and it's called "Newsstand" anyway. The title of the post is called "Crocodiles". It's a fun movie. I hope you watch it. Dorian Paquette wrote the song.